Programmable & Highly Scalable CPaaS System

IZICall is a professional, programmable with high scalability to suite any size and fit any requirement

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PBX Applications

Load balancing



So Powerful, Yet Easy to Master

Features you have been finding in high class expensive PBX brands, finally here in a more affordable and reliable IZICall

Smart PBX

All your needs in PBX are here in a highly intuitive configurable interface even a non-tech can do

Complex flows

Worry free for complex automation call scripts. IZICall is advanced and programmable scripts ready

Call Center

Professional Call Center is no longer for big companies only. It's now for all size

Video Conference

Video Conferencing will be an advanced features for corporation with distributed offices. No hardware investment is needed ever!


Large monthly bill is no longer a concern. Least cost route (LCR) will make the cheapest calls for you


Integrate voice capability anywhere you like, explore professional automation call scripts as you love

Professional Scripts, For Your Call Center

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Smart PBX
No Recording
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call center


Call Center
Programmable Call flows
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